Online Dating: Valentine’s Day Disappointment

Remember how on last week’s post I started discussing online dating? Let me tell you, one of the main problems with online dating is the profile not being ready. Or maybe having such a profile that a guy will read and just think that, even if he does not match anything in it, he will have a chance. And I know, anyone can basically write anything about themselves just to look good. But strangely enough, I don’t think it is the case: just take a look at all the grammatical errors and the lack of punctuation! I don’t know about you, but for me it is a huge turn-off! Some of the profiles are just one sentence long, which says a lot (of nothing) … And even if you bump into a really good written profile, you can try to read between the lines but until you two meet, the other one will know only a bit of what is this person about.


Dragged Back to Blogging!

Well, believe it or not it is already February 2013! One whole month already gone, wow, time just flies when you are having fun… but am I having fun really?

2012 was hard to swallow…

End of year for me was dramatic. Now that I think about it, I guess the whole year was a bit dramatic. One minute I was a receptionist in a hotel in London and was dating this guy; the next minute, I was jobless (I quit) and out of the blue the guy I was dating ended up behind bars. I was just like: WTF?! I was literally in the street in the middle of London with a suitcase because we were supposed to go to Manchester when I got the text saying that it would not happen. Within 24 hours I was all packed and on my way back to Australia! As my good friend Strawberry – oops sorry I meant Andy said: ‘Pris, you never have a dull moment in your life!’