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Welcome to Westeros! A Game of Thrones TV Show Review

Game of Thrones TV Show

OK, so the world's most pirated series has a new big fan! Better late than never! One thing I am looking forward to this year is the new season of […]

Happy New Year 2014

Goodbye 2013! You made me cry, made me laugh, but it's time to move on...

Happy New Year 2014

I thought I better write something just to mark that moment. I was not too keen on celebrating because... well just because. Then decided against it and I should be […]

Revamp Needed under construction

Decided to give a fresh look to my blog. Attempted that a few a months ago but I was not very satisfied with it and then got swamped by work. […]

Online Dating: Valentine’s Day Disappointment

Onine Dating Valentine's Day Gift QR code

Remember how on last week’s post I started discussing online dating? Let me tell you, one of the main problems with online dating is the profile not being ready. Or […]

Dragged Back to Blogging!

Happy New Year 2013 From Prisqua

Well, believe it or not it is already February 2013! One whole month already gone, wow, time just flies when you are having fun… but am I having fun really?

Who Is the Most Beautiful woman: Bar Refaeli or Angelina Jolie?

Who is the most beautiful Woman: Bar Refaeli or Angelina Jolie

Bar Refaeli is considered by many the most beautiful woman on earth. Or is it just because she has boobs???


I Wonder….

I Wonder - Pain