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Samantha Brick: Abused Women & Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins

Abused Women and Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins #SamanthaBrick

First of all, before going into my topic, let me share with you something that horrified me because I simply need to get it out of my system. I started to watch ‘60 minutes’ on TV last night, because I was horrified at what I was hearing.

Apparently, there was this boyfriend or husband, who […]

Put a ring on it… or don’t?

It all started some days ago, when my Brilliant friend and I were at the bar, having some drinks and discussing hot guys. Suddenly, she made me a comment, and I giggled. I reminded her that I had a boyfriend, so she laughed at me and said:

- Show me the ring, then!

Ok, my […]

Relationships and Tango

Relationships and Tango

The other day, I was having a conversation with my friend Kelly, and he quoted Carlos Eduardo Gavito, a tango dancer, when he said: “Any man who dances and doesn’t look at the woman as a queen, will never be a king. It’s all about respect for the woman. The woman needs to trust the […]

Dating in Argentina

If you enjoy traveling as much as we all enjoy dating and meeting new people, you must probably be feeling as curious as myself for dating in other countries. Well, thanks to the Internet I’ve made many great friends all across the world, and one of them lives in Argentina. The other day we were […]

A Working Girl’s Reply to “a Guy”

It all started with a couple of comments in a previous post (“Men or money?” ), but “a guy” pieced me off so badly that I want to reply with yet another post... In fact, the meaning of his nickname is quite significant: he’s not just one man, there are lots of guys who think […]

Men or Money?

I was thinking about what Tyson said "Women Or Money?" and I thought I, as a woman, should express my point of view as well.

While I totally agree on some of his remarks –for example, when he says a 5 dollar bill can’t give you children or rub your back-, I feel a little […]

Women Or Money?

Recently I was with some friends and we were listening to a song by Rich Boy and featuring both Lil Wayne and Nas. In the song, Nas states "you lose money chasing women but never lose women chasing money". Naturally, given the nature of my friends we began a friendly debate on the validity of […]