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Who Is the Most Beautiful woman: Bar Refaeli or Angelina Jolie?

Who is the most beautiful Woman: Bar Refaeli or Angelina Jolie

Bar Refaeli is considered by many the most beautiful woman on earth. Or is it just because she has boobs???


I Wonder….

I Wonder - Pain

Samantha Brick: Abused Women & Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins

Abused Women and Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins #SamanthaBrick

First of all, before going into my topic, let me share with you something that horrified me because I simply need to get it out of my system. I started to watch ‘60 minutes’ on TV last night, because I was horrified at what I was hearing.

Apparently, there was this boyfriend or husband, who […]

Why English is Hard To Learn?

Why English Is A Hard Language To Learn

Do you think English is hard to learn?

Why Complicate Life?

Why Complicate Life?

I just love that pic! This is my motto: I just don't get it when people have to complicate simple things.

How To Strive Towards Creating The World’s Best Flying Experience! #Qantas

How To Strive Towards Creating The World's Best Flying Experience! #Qantas

Dear Qantas,
Let me tell you why I will not be flying with your company again and why I will no longer recommend you to my friends and family. I have actually written to you once already about this matter to make a formal complaint but have yet to hear anything from you. So I […]

More Funny Marriage & Relationship Quotes

More Funny Marriage & Relationship Quotes

Some time ago, I wrote what turned out to be quite a popular post. It was a compilation of funny relationship quotes, often referring about marriage in a chauvinistic or feminist way. Personalities such as Socrates or Groucho Marx have discussed marriage from a funny –yet often quite cruel- point of view. But the four […]