Abused Women and Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins #SamanthaBrick

Samantha Brick: Abused Women & Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins

First of all, before going into my topic, let me share with you something that horrified me because I simply need to get it out of my system. I started to watch ‘60 minutes’ on TV last night, because I was horrified at what I was hearing.

Apparently, there was this boyfriend or husband, who kills his wife/girlfriend in a fit of rage, and then he blames the victim -who is dead- to wiggle out of justice. That is called the Provocation Defense.

By saying that his wife/girlfriend was looking for it by nagging or cheating etc., that is all the excuse he needs to get his murder charge reduced to manslaughter and to receive a much lighter sentence instead of spending the rest of his life in prison. One guy who killed his wife got out of prison after only 3 years and eleven months! I can’t begin to understand how a jury can even think it is right. Nothing a woman does could possibly justify these abuses!

How To Strive Towards Creating The World's Best Flying Experience! #Qantas

How To Strive Towards Creating The World’s Best Flying Experience! #Qantas

Dear Qantas,

Let me tell you why I will not be flying with your company again and why I will no longer recommend you to my friends and family. I have actually written to you once already about this matter to make a formal complaint but have yet to hear anything from you. So I will just assume that you are too busy dealing with the people that probably spend way more money than me, or are simply backed up with many more complaints.